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One Secret... 

We loved every minute of Your journey...Lol

Boom An Idea Is Born

Blue Venue Specializes in Product Development

Take your Vision beyond the scratch paper .

Dream, Research, Plan

and then set goals

for your


Our First Employee

The Doc

A Dream Pilot- is a Physician or Invisioneer that is trained in certain aspects or industries to your specific task, plan, goal, or product. With the help of you, our team will pave the way with lights, inspiration and a concentrated brain storm on your idea, Dream, product etc...... They say two heads are better than one. Let’s focus on just you for a session, and see how much we can get done when there’s no interruption..., lack of interest or other people to focus on. Let us pamper YOUR focus and ambition with time and creativity. This is your dream....So it’s supposed to be important and fun.