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Bare Layout

Sports is one of the easiest things in which man can converse. Fun and playing is one of the universal codes man can unite under. Leaving accurate, past self-aggression's and self-purpose out. A moment when man can let go of all real-life situations and be free to express one's self in a care free environment.

Bare Design with top Deck

Open 24/7 Alonis Zone 1 and Aqua League movement will be a special highlight among entertainment spots. The intimate surroundings start the perfect place to take a date. Offering, the occasion and place with a splash of now is the time! Fun for all, including family and friends. Plan a birthday party for all ages, or remember the moment forever. Attending by yourself in hopes of winning a fortune is all goals of the League of International Aquatics. On top of that all aqua league properties are kid friendly offering adult services where appropriate

Pod Design 

Will act as foundation to structure displacing water and exerting a upward force supplying required buoyancy to float.